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27 March 2019

PUOI Protezione Unita a Obiettivo Integrazione

PUOI Protezione Unita a Obiettivo Integrazione (Protection together with Integration Target) is a project based on the activation of individual endowments for social and labour integration, addressed to vulnerable migrants: applicants and holders of international protection, holders of residence permits issued in special cases that allow the carrying out of work activities, holders of residence permits for special and temporary protection and former unaccompanied minors..

The implementation of the project was entrusted to ANPAL Servizi SPA by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies-General Direction of Immigration and Integration Policies in the framework of the collaboration agreement with ANPAL. For the first time, through a strategy based on the complementarity and synergy of funding funds, a social and labour inclusion project is supported in an integrated manner by the AMIF and the ESF -  PON Inclusione (2014-2020).

The PUOI project focuses on 3,700 active labor policy paths and on the involvement of public and private operators in the labor market. The courses provide access to a series of integrated services for social and labour integration (e.g. tutoring, guidance and accompaniment to job search, skills assessment and certification of skills) and a 6-month extracurricular internship.

In 2021, a complementary action was launched to transfer to the recipients also useful knowledge on the new working conditions deriving from the Covid-19 emergency and to counteract the negative effects on active labor policy paths.

In June 2022, a new call was published to finance another 2,000 social and work integration paths.

More informations are available on the ANPAL Servizi SPA website