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23 March 2022

First Operational Guidel for reception and assistance to people fleeing from Ukraine

The Civil Protection Department describes the coordination models and the organisation of the reception activities and facilities

In view of the expected arrival in Italy of large flows of Ukrainian citizens, the Civil Protection Department, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Prefectures and local authorities - in collaboration with the Third Sector - are working to manage the acceptance of Ukrainian citizens, from the recognition of public and private facilities available and welfare networks that can provide the first reception. The updated data on Ukrainian citizens arriving in Italy is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Department has prepared the First Operational Guidelines for a coordinated management of reception and assistance to people fleeing from Ukraine arriving in our country. The Document establishes a regional structure of coordination that involves the participation of local and state administrations and operates in conjunction with the third sector, the private social subjects and with the local representatives of the Ukrainian community, if present.

The operational indications outline the main articulations of the National Plan of reception and assistance by defining the procedures for the reception of Ukrainian citizens who arrive in our country without autonomous accommodation. The first step involves the Prefectures-UTG with territorial jurisdiction that verify the accessibility to the ordinary reception network that has been strengthened during the emergency: CAS - Extraordinary Reception Centers and SAI - Reception and Integration System.

If the CAS and SAI are not available, the regional coordinators will check for other accommodation facilities, previously identified and verified. These facilities are temporary accommodations that will host Ukrainian citizens for the period of time necessary for their transfer to the reception network.

In case there is no availability of accommodation in the regional structures, national assistance is provided by the DiComaC, established at the Department, operating with regional structures of coordination and the central State Administrations.
The monitoring of the accommodation facilities suitable to host unaccompanied minors arriving from Ukraine is guaranteed by the Plan for unaccompanied foreign minors, provided by the Delegated Commissioner appointed to guarantee the coordination of measures and procedures for a homogeneous management throughout the national territory.

Source: Civil Protection Department




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