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01 March 2022

How to tackle disinformation: Positive Input

A practical guide to dealing with disinformation by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Positive Input is a practical guide edited by FRA, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. It draws on insights gleaned from leading experts at FRA 2021 workshop of the human rights communicators network.

It aims to support communicators to deal with disinformation using the +INPUT approach:

• +: Positive messages of hope have the most impact.

• I: Identify disinformation early and ask 'who benefits'?

• N: Narrate powerful, personal, persuasive stories.

• P: Pioneer new ways to reach new audiences.

• U: Unite your audience. Messengers matter. Form partnerships.

• T: Track and plan ahead. Try to get in front of the news cycle.

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