Recognised rights

Recipients of international protection are issued a five year residence permit.

Subsidiary protection are renewed upon verification of the permanence of the conditions that determined their issuing. Family members who do not have the right to a personal status of international protection can obtain a residence permit for family reasons and have the same rights of the family member with the status.
Recipients of international protection have the right for family joining without having to demonstrate requisites of income and lodging.
All recipients of international protection are granted freedom of movement and employment throughout the whole Italian territory, whereas in the exemption of a visa they can move in the Schengen area for a maximum of three months.

In order to travel abroad, the refugee has the right to obtain a travel document pursuant to the Geneva Convention, whereas recipients with residence permits for subsidiary or humanitarian protection can obtain a travel document for foreign nationals only if it is impossible for them to obtain a passport from the authorities of their country of origin.

Recipients of international protection are equivalent to Italian citizens as regards having access to lodging, welfare services, education and employment, including the possibility to have access to public employment with the same limitations as regards community citizens.
After five years from the date of formalization of the application for international protection (filling in the C3 model) recipients of international protection, if in possession of specific requisites, have the right to apply for the long-term EU residence permit, an unlimited document which enables to have access to the labour market throughout the whole European Union,even for a period longer than 90 days, according to conditions established by each single Member State.

Refugees can apply for Italian naturalization after five years of legal residence in Italy, whereas recipients of subsidiarymust wait ten years, as all other foreign nationals.